21 Nov 2013

Regen: CoCreation Lab to make farming always more efficient

At Regen Ltd., we believe that customer knowledge is a company’s best asset. Co-creation, by interlocking knowledge with processes in an overall co-creation framework, is a rich combination of knowledge and group decision-making. 

At Regen Ltd., we also believe in innovation and people, this is why we are so enthusiastic about launching our CoCreative Lab, a communication platform that comes along with the creation of our next service, Regen: Nitrogen

Collaborating to get the service you need

Because who knows better than you what you really need, we believe that there are no better advisors than you. For us, you are already part of our development team.

Today, thanks to information technology, we have a way of coordinating your expertise and experience with Regen’s own expertise in IT development. So Regen Ltd. designed CoCreative Lab, an interactive space to set up a continuous process in which our next service, Regen: Nitrogen, will be tuned and recast at a fingertip. 

So what is CoCreative Lab? Basically, this is YOUR space where YOU can directly connect with us to play an essential, active and effective role within the project. 

How? By sharing your ideas, commenting our posts, sending us feedback, participating in forums that you may be interested in. 

Interest for ALL

We think this experience is great for all involved parties. You first because you will get a product that fulfils all your expectations in nitrogen management. At the end of the project, you will have a wide range of information about Regen: Nitrogen, its potentialities, and its benefits.

As for Regen, we will have a more efficient phase of creation with quick and advised feedback from the very interested people themselves. The outcome will be a product that really responds to your needs because designed for and by yourselves.

For this product to come out, your involvement is essential. We believe that the more involvement, the better product at the end.

CoCreativeLab: What’s in?

CoCreativeLab is as much your home as a shared space of work. 

You can find a wide range of information about Regen: Nitrogen. You can share your ideas, your expectations, and your experience about nitrogen management and how it impacts on your business and revenues.

You also can enquire about any aspect of Regen: Nitrogen development.

Finally, you can be into win one of our great prizes.

If you want to be part of what is the first experience of this kind led in New Zealand with the farming sector, follow us via email (see on the right of this screen).

Many more things coming up soon!

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