21 Nov 2013

Take a pic and be into win a $50 gift card

We don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but the first thing we do when we get a new space (a house or an office, for instance) is to stick posters and pics on the walls. So it becomes our place. CoCreative Lab is your space, but we think it is now time to make it into your home.

This why we launch a photo contest. All you have to do is to take and send us a picture of your business. Then you'll be into win a $50 Kathmandu gift card. 

All the pictures will be displayed in a special exhibition onto Regen: CoCreative Lab, starting on the 27th November 2013.

The winning picture will be used as an element of CoCreative Lab’s banner on the front page. It would be like being at home, wouldn’t it? As for the winner, they will get a $50 Kathmandu gift card.

How to participate? It’s easy. Take a photo of your business (fields, cows, buildings, yourself at work, or whatever else you feel represents your professional environment), then send it to us by clicking here.

What next? On the 27th November, all the pictures will be displayed on Regen: CoCreation Lab and a winner will be nominated on the 29th by all Regen’s team.

Two basic rules to follow: (1) the picture must be of a fairly good quality; (2) it must come along with your details (full name, address and business name).

And don't forget, you have until Wednesday 27th November, 6pm, to send your pic with your details attached at blog@nzregen.co.nz.

For any enquiries please click here.

Good luck to everyone!!


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