5 Dec 2013

Designing ReGen Nitrogen app, between functionality and handiness

Every week, we release a story directly told by those who are at the very heart of the creation of ReGen Nitrogen. This week, Kim tells us about the work she has done so far to make our application look good and friendly to use.

Kim took the long way round to get to design – through Victoria University and two degrees, she finally landed at Massey’s Wellington campus and is now completing a Graduate Diploma in Design. Always keen to get stuck into things and do something useful, she is excited to be a part of the ReGen team as a Summer of Tech intern, assisting us in creating great tools for farmers.

“Kia Ora tatou,

My name is Kim, and I am the design and UI (User Interface) summer intern here at ReGen. Currently I am working on the design for the new ReGen: Nitrogen app – making sure that it is accessible, practical and, of course, good looking. We here at ReGen want to make sure that this is a tool that you will love to use, and it is part of my job to make it a pleasant all-round experience. No pressure.

At the moment we are in the early stages of the design process. Based on our interview with Greg Maughan, we have determined what will be the core features in the initial version of the Nitrogen app, as well as what may be included in future versions. The goal for this app is to provide you with a great decision-making tool for when you use Nitrogen. By utilising the data we receive from your farm, as well as external sources, we are setting out to make the process more efficient and sustainable, both for you and the environment.

Part of what we love to do here at ReGen is collaborate with others, and we all know how much better our decisions are when we have all the important information at hand. That’s why we need you, the future users of this app, to chip in and tell us what you think. This could be by telling us how you make decisions around Nitrogen use, or what kind of features you’d love to see in a Nitrogen app. Maybe you’ve used other agricultural apps before, or any app really – tell us what you loved and what you hated! Buttons too small, a function not working, a layout too confusing? Or maybe you know of an app that is a pleasure to use – we want to know it all. We’ll also be seeking some volunteers to do initial user testing when the new app is ready, so be sure to look out for notifications about that.

Read the the post about our visit to Greg’s farm and see what he has to say about his Nitrogen use, or read through the important research that Sonia is doing here at ReGen”.

Kim Anderson

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