13 Dec 2013

Get an effective application farmers can use everywhere!

Every week, we release a story directly told by those who are at the very heart of the creation of ReGen Nitrogen. This week, Minh unveils some of the secrets surrounding the development of ReGens new application, ReGen Nitrogen. If like many of us you have little knowledge about software, application development and other tech jargon, follow the guide!

Minh graduated in Software Engineering at the University of Auckland. He used his web development skills to create a number of exciting products while working for Harmonic  before joining Regen as a full-time software developer. He is delighted to participate in Regen team to create ReGen Nitrogen  an effective nitrogen tool used by New Zealand farmers.

"Xin chao (Hello in Vietnamese),

I joined the ReGen team to work as a Java developer on ReGen's new application, ReGen Nitrogen. My work over the past two months has been to integrate ReGen Nitrogen into the existing ReGen Farm Web application.

I collaborate with other technical team members, applying the agile software development methodology to incrementally build the ReGen Nitrogen application. The most important part of my job is to conceptualise how farmers would interact with the application when used either on a mobile or on a computer. This is an essential aspect of my work as it is the key to building a successful User Interface (UI) for this project. To put it more clearly, on our service, N Calculator, farmers can select one type of fertiliser amongst several proposed by the application. They then can select an application rate and optionally update a number of parameters. Once these options have been selected, the application models the likely dry matter creation based on soil conditions and fertiliser application. This complex modelling is then used to produce a number of outputs informing users of the value of using Nitrogen on their soil on that day.

Another aspect of my work is to integrate Kim's work on designing the application (See "Designing ReGen Nitrogen app, between functionality and handiness"), and tackle the challenge of implementing this both for mobile and desktop delivery of the service. More than ever we are now focusing on developing an easy-to-use mobile application for Android and Apple phones. I sometimes feel like I am the one who centralises all the amazing work from other team members to ReGen Nitrogen...on screen.

Now, since the ReGen Nitrogen application is at an early stage of development, there are plenty of exciting challenges that we love to work on and will eventually overcome."

Minh Vu


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