20 Dec 2013

Starting 2014 now!

Every year ends the same way. December is all about looking back on the past year and jamming in as much as possible; while January is about sharing expectations and perspectives for the year to come.

At ReGen, we think the end of 2013 is already the beginning of 2014. Why? Because our new exciting project, ReGen Nitrogen, marks the beginning of ReGens new era.

With it, it is not only a new service that ReGen is about to deliver, it is a new work process. Our strong relationship with New Zealand farmers in the last 5 years and more has undergone a dramatic breakthrough. We have turned our relationship with farmers into collaboration because we know that innovation results from your best ideas.

We engaged in a very challenging and exciting process which is still at its inception. To make our collaboration possible we set up CoCreative Lab, your interactive platform.

Our effort to give you the most advanced information about our next service, ReGen Nitrogen, has been largely rewarded thanks to your commitment. Since CoCreative Lab went live, it has been viewed 1645 times. This is a great success, beyond our own expectations, and demonstrates how much farmers are interested in being kept posted about ReGens new service.

We thank you for your interest and your commitment.
It is our best Christmas present.

2014 will start with more interaction.  Each day, we shall post more interesting, amazing and astonishing content on CoCreative Lab.

And most of all, youll get more information and more opportunities to share your ideas, opinions and views about ReGen Nitrogen.

2013 has been a busy year and we all need to take a break and refresh  before the exciting development of ReGen Nitrogens release in February 2014!!!

Until then Bridgit and the ReGen staff wishes you all
a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Bridgit Hawkins and the ReGen team


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