14 Mar 2014

ReGen Nitrogen's secrets unveiled

The calculator and results page
Now that ReGen Nitrogen is released, you may be curious about its design and use. So this week we thought we would share some of ReGen Nitrogen’s key features and how it can make decision making for nitrogen use on your farm easier.

We designed ReGen Nitrogen to tell you what response rate you can expect from a planned nitrogen application. We wanted to design a tool that is easy and intuitive to use when you are out on the farm.

So how does it work? The response rate is site and time specific as it uses daily soil conditions measurements from your farm along with some simple inputs from you; the type of N fertiliser and the application rate you are planning to use.

Using these inputs ReGen Nitrogen calculates the kilograms of dry matter (DM) you are likely to achieve from each kilogram of nitrogen you are planning to use. It also calculates how many cents per kilogram of dry matter (c/kgDM) that response rate would equate to. Depending on the soil conditions (temperature and moisture) on your farm, ReGen Nitrogen tells you whether your soil conditions are within the optimum range for applying nitrogen.

Soil conditions & weather forecast
ReGen Nitrogen is designed to make it really straight forward to enter the required information  and limit the inputs you need to enter yourself. The information you enter on the fertiliser type and application rate can be saved and recalled for future calculations saving you time and allowing you to compare results under different soil conditions. The results are displayed with a simple thumbs up or down so you can see at a glance whether applying nitrogen at this time is of benefit to you.

One of the key advantages of ReGen Nitrogen is you can use it wherever you are; on your mobile phone when you out on the farm or on your computer when you are in your office. Using specific data from your farm ensures the calculated response rate is customised for you on a daily basis. Using this up-to-date and relevant information you can confidently go ahead with the planned nitrogen application, or easily modify the timing or application rate to get a better result or fill the feed deficit more cost effectively.

Since ReGen Nitrogen’s release we have been seeking feedback from our customers on how we can make it even better and we will share some of this feedback in blog posts over the coming weeks.


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