31 Mar 2014

Time for inspiration - the 2014 Dairy Women’s Network conference

Some creative masks at the Dairy Women's Network conference! 

This week our CEO, Bridgit Hawkins, talks about being inspired and refreshed from attending the Dairy Women's Network annual conference.

Two weeks ago in Hamilton I had a great time at the Dairy Women’s Network annual conference. It is a very motivating event with women from all over New Zealand involved in the dairy industry coming together to get inspired around the theme of “Keeping your Finger in the Pulse”.

The keynote speakers ranged from Carmel Fisher, of Fisher Funds, to David Galbraith a sports psychologist. A feature of every speaker was that they shared some of their own personal story of how they have got to where they are today. I have always found it not only interesting, but also challenging, to hear other’s stories and find something to take away and apply to your own life and achieving your own goals.

As well as the speakers there was a wide range of workshop sessions to choose from. I went along to the session by Nadia Lim, of Master Chef fame, talking about healthy eating (luckily for someone with a sweet tooth like me, it’s OK to not follow the rules 10% of the time). And when I got home I tried out the spinach, berry and avocado smoothie we had a sample of – mine didn’t turn out quite the same. Use the recipe is probably the take-home tip! I also went to a session on cow nutrition with James Hague of Seales Winslow. Getting the right balance of carbohydrate, protein and sugars is just as important for cows as people. Certainly as more farmers investigate including inputs other than grass and silage into the feed supply of their herd the options seem endless.

The evening event was great fun and there were some very inventive masks created for the masquerade ball theme. The highlight of the evening was the Dairy Woman of the Year award which was won by Charmaine O’Shea; a Northland dairy farmer and chartered accountant.

Being at the conference was a really energising experience and a great way to spend two days. Next year the venue will be Invercargill and I hope Regen can play a part in supporting the Dairy Women’s Network continue the great work it is doing.


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