23 May 2014

Sticky notes, coffee and computers - opening the window on software development at Regen

Have you every wondered how an app like Regen Nitrogen is created? This week we thought we would take you behind the scenes at Regen to show you how our services gets developed, from the initial ideas on sticky notes to an app on your phone.

Initially ideas get jotted down on sticky notes and stuck to our office wall. We tend to work in two week blocks, which gives us enough time to get a key component of the project completed. We then plan our priorities for the next two week period and repeat this process until the project is completed.  

Developing our software involves bringing together the right scientific information, good design and effective computer coding. Good coffee, laughter and team work also helps a lot!  

We have created a slideshow of photos what happens on a daily basis in the Regen office so click on the slideshow above to get a glimpse into the world of software development at Regen.


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