27 Jun 2014

Introducing Bindu Ojha - the newest member of the Regen team

Bindu Ojha joined the Regen team earlier this month. It is great to have him on board to help Florent and Minh on the development side as we continue work on the irrigation water service. We thought we would find out a bit more about Bindu’s background to share with with you on the blog this week...

You grew up in India, tell us a little bit about what that was like.
I grew up in Bihar (Eastern India). Outside of school I loved playing cricket (a national obsession in India), swimming (the Ganges River ran near our house!) and working in our family garden. We had a small area of land which was planted out in vegetables, flowers and Guava and Neem trees. After completed my initial schooling I moved to Tamil Nadu (Southern India) to do computer studies for four years. After I graduated I moved again, this time to Pune in Western India, where I spent four years working for software/computer companies (VSpace software, Amdocs and IBM)

So what what brought you to New Zealand?
I wanted to complete some postgraduate studies overseas and had always wanted to come to New Zealand. Watching many games of cricket when the Indian team was on tour around the world convinced me that New Zealand was a place I wanted to spend time in. I completed my Postgraduate Diploma in computer studies at AUT in Auckland.

New Zealand is a very different country from India. What do you enjoy about living here?
The moderate weather (India gets too hot!), the landscapes and natural beauty as I like bush walking and generally being in the outdoors. People here are also really friendly and helpful.

What got you interested in computer programming/product development?
Growing up it was initially through playing computer games on my brother’s computer. I soon learnt that I could write instructions for the computer that meant I could add additional elements to the games that made them more fun and interesting. So to start with my interest in computers was really a hobby. Through school I studied a wide range of subjects and was accepted into both the medical and computer science courses. I chose computer studies as it looked like fun, it is something I enjoy doing.

You have been with Regen for just under a month. What have you enjoyed most about your time at Regen so far?
The team, everyone gives you their time to answers questions and are very supportive. I also really like the work environment - it is a workplace where everyone is open-minded, you are encouraged to think creatively to solve problems and the work is challenging, in a good way!


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