20 Jun 2014

Regen services helping to increase farm productivity in the Northern Waikato

This week we chat with one of our Waikato customers, Tony Walters, about how he is increasing productivity on his farm by better utilising his resources and how Regen services are helping him in achieving his goals.

Tony Walters has been dairy farming with his wife Marlene for 26 years just south of Pukekohe in the Northern Waikato. They milk 220 cows and being an owner operator business with little spare time they are constantly looking for ways to improve their farm efficiency and productivity.

While attending a field day organised by the Waikato Regional Council last year, Tony realised that effluent could be an important nutrient resource for the farm if it was managed effectively. Tracking and working with your soil conditions to ensure the effluent is applied when the soil conditions are right is the key. Tony has found he is not only managing his effluent more effectively with Regen’s effluent service but the daily farm-specific soil moisture and temperature data has helped him plan his feed requirements more accurately. Better utilisation of pasture and feed last year led to an increase in farm productivity of 42%.

Tony has also been using Regen’s Nitrogen service this year and has found it a useful tool for his decision-making during the autumn. He says “We had drought conditions over much of the autumn and we used the Regen Nitrogen app to check what the soil conditions were and only put N fertiliser down when the soil conditions were right”. This ensured that Tony wasn’t wasting precious fertiliser when soil conditions weren’t conducive for pasture growth.

Tony says he is not into lots of technology but has learnt there is a place for technology in farming today. He sees tools like ReGen Effluent and Nitrogen as being valuable contributors to his daily decision-making that help to increase the productivity of his business.


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