11 Jul 2014

Infographics - a different way to engage

Here at Regen we’re big fans of combining visuals with written content. Whether it be graphs in your monthly Regen reports, or photo slideshows about our trips on the blog, visuals help to make content engaging and easier to digest. This week on the blog we thought we would take you into the world of infographics.

Source: Kim Anderson

So what is an infographic? Simply put it’s a visual representation of information or data. While infographics can vary greatly in terms of design and how information is broken down, their key aim is always to present complex data quickly and clearly. A good example is shown below where you can quickly see the countries that stand out in terms of their total contribution to global carbon emissions. 

Source: Stanford Kay: http://www.stanfordkaystudio.com/information.html

The Next Web provides a good break down of what infographics are, along with some examples which are worth checking out. 

We thought we would go ahead and make our own infographic for our latest service, ReGen: Nitrogen. Not only does it highlight the service’s main features and the benefits of using it, but it also outlines the science and research that we’ve drawn on in order to provide you with accurate response rates and soil information. Our ReGen: Nitrogen infographic will be released in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for it.


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