12 Sep 2014

Making every dollar count - using ReGen N in the Manawatu

“I’d started thinking about using some urea and then thought I had better download the Regen app.”  Good thinking Greg.  This is a direct quote from 
Greg Maughan, Manawatu dairy farmer, mentor for young people in the industry and DairyNZ Director candidate.

Greg has been a Regen customer since 2011 and has benefited significantly from the Regen Effluent management service.  He was also part of our initial brainstorming for what the features and value a nitrogen tool would need to have to be useful for farmers.

Now it is drying out and warming up in the Manawatu Greg is keen to get some good data and decision support to indicate the best time to be using urea on his farm.  As Greg says, “With a lower pay-out certain this season making every dollar spent on farm inputs work hard and increase production is even more important.”  Getting a 10:1 response rate compared to a 5:1 response rate – for the same amount of urea applied – is like money in the bank.  So knowing when soil conditions are right to get that better response rate is really important.

Greg’s verdict, now he has downloaded the app and used the N service is that it is a handy decision support tool to use along with his own practical knowledge of his farm. “When I wanted to put down the urea the app said the soil moisture was a bit high but my practical experience from working on my farm told me it was about the right time. Two days later the app told me I was in optimum range so it was great to know the Regen app and my practical experience were in pretty close agreement”.

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