3 Oct 2014

Can an app make you ‘appy?

The FitBit app
Mobile apps abound – anything you can think of there is an app for it seems.  Some of them are really handy – like banking and weather apps – and some are just fun.

A couple of years ago I became a convert to a FitBit – a little device that counted how many steps I took each day.  But it also has an app so as well as nudging me to do more steps to meet my own goal; I can share my progress with friends who also have FitBits. It’s a great way to keep motivated (especially if you are a bit competitive) when a friend passes you on the leader board!

It isn’t random how an app nudges you to either reach your goal, or update your status.  There is a whole area of research that underpins the structure and functionality of apps.  B.J.Fogg, Director of the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University, is leader in this field and has developed “Fogg’s Behaviour Model”.  According to his model there are three components that together affect behaviour: Motivation, Ability and Trigger.  According to Fogg, the best way to facilitate behaviour change is to “put hot triggers in the path of motivated people”.

Mobile phones, and now smartphones, are commonplace in farmer’s pockets; as are apps related to the business of farming.  At Regen we are working hard to make sure our apps are designed following the new research in this area.  A user of a Regen app already has the motivation; we make sure the ability and the trigger are delivered so at the touch of a button you have the right information, at the right time – specific for your farm.

So can apps make you happy?  They sure can – especially when you can top the leader board!

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