10 Oct 2014

Go the Mighty Stags – can one game make a season?

The short answer is yes!  If the Stags win tomorrow against Hawkes Bay in the ITM cup, not only will they secure 4th place and a quarter final in the second tier, but they will hold the Ranfurly Shield for the remainder of the season and the off-season. So tomorrow’s game will be defining in lots of ways.

Regen is proud to be one of the sponsors of the Southland Stags and as part of our sponsorship we have hosted a Training With the Stags day for local school kids, the Stags came along and ran our BBQ breakfasts at the Waimumu Field-days and we have hosted farmers at a couple of the recent Stags games.  It is great to be involved in something that is part of the fabric of Southland’s community and gives Regen a chance to give something back to the region.

Reflecting on tomorrow’s game, it strikes me that a rugby team’s journey is very similar to a farm.  Tomorrow is a “must win” game if the Stags want to get into the quarterfinals – but this has not been their only opportunity to win games and secure points.  Just like cow condition at calving is not about what you feed them in the last week before calving, but how you have feed them the entire season; getting into the finals is about every game played and pre-season training, not one epic effort over 80 mins in the last game of the season.  And a great team is built over years, working to a plan and having measures to track progress.  Just as improving pasture production takes planning and accurate measurement.  So embrace technology, and a great coach – just like rugby has – as these are tools to help you reach your goals!

                                             Go the Mighty Stags


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