31 Oct 2014

Introducing ReGen Water

View of ReGen Water mobile app
Last month on the blog we discussed the factors to keep an eye on when deciding whether to irrigate or not. This week on the blog we introduce our latest service, ReGen Water, designed to give you confidence about when to irrigate and when to hold off irrigating where there is enough moisture in your soil.

The key to optimising pasture growth is getting the right amount of water at the right time to your soil and pasture. There are a number of factors that go into assessing what is the right amount to apply, such as your soil’s total available water, your current soil water deficit and weather parameters such as forecast rainfall and evapotranspiration rates. You don’t want to over irrigate and risk drainage or under irrigate and risk getting too dry and never catching up over the season. The Regen irrigation service takes these factors into account and provides a daily irrigation recommendation customised for your irrigation block for the next five days.

So how does it work?
ReGen Water uses your farm specific information (soil type, soil water deficit and weather variables) to calculate a daily soil water balance and from that what the optimum irrigation amount is for each of the next five days. The recommendations are worked out using your soil’s current soil water deficit and the forecast weather conditions. The app allows you to see at a glance where your current soil conditions are relative to the optimal zone for pasture growth and where your soil water deficit will be if you follow the daily recommendations.

We have developed the app to allow each irrigation block on the farm to be calculated separately so we can take account of different soil types and the capability of your irrigator. Actual irrigation and weather variables (temperature, rainfall and evapotranspiration) are all recorded and you can track your soil water deficit for the past ten days in an easy to view graph on the mobile app. We also provide monthly reports so you can keep track of your irrigation efficiency over the season.

One of the key advantages of ReGen Water is you can use it wherever you are; on your mobile phone when you out on the farm or on your computer when you are in your office. Using specific data from your farm ensures the daily irrigation recommendations are customised for you on a daily basis. Using this up-to-date and relevant information you can confidently go ahead with planning your irrigation, confident in the knowledge you are improving your water use efficiency, lowering your power costs, improving pasture production and minimising the risk of nitrogen leaching.

The initial Regen Water customers are up and running, giving us valuable feedback as they use the service.  Full release of the product will be in January 2015.  If you would like to know more about how Regen Water could work for you email us at info@nzregen.co.nz


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