17 Oct 2014

What’s the go with infographics?

Did you know that infographics can be traced back to 1626 when a book was published on the rotation of the sun?  
And ever since then weather forecasts in the newspaper have used infographics to convey lots of information – not to mention the London Underground map.  So they are nothing new, and also are very likely the origin of the saying “A picture speaks a thousand words”.

They have lasted the test of time because they are very good at doing just that – conveying a lot of information through pictures, symbols and small amounts of text.  For most people it is easier to take in and understand complex data when it is clearly displayed in graphical form, rather than a big table.  So we have got on the bandwagon and produced our own infographic about ReGen Nitrogen.  You can find it on our website by following this link www.nzregen.co.nz/products

All you need to know about what nitrogen needs to make the grass grow faster, and how ReGen Nitrogen can make sure you have the right information at your fingertips to get the most value from every $ you spend on nitrogen fertiliser. Let us know what you think – and feel free to print it off, or refer to it whenever you think it will be useful.


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