7 Nov 2014

How great is Southland?

Nearly 20 years ago young man called Wayne, along with his family, made the long trek from Waikato down to Southland. His goal was to get a bigger share-milking job to build enough equity so he could return to the Waikato and buy his own 300 cow farm. Fast forward those 20 years and Wayne Carpenter now owns several farms in Southland and is milking 2,000 cows. And according to Wayne, it’s “Not a bad place to live.”

In Wayne’s view it doesn’t matter if you are running the corner dairy, a dairy factory or dairy farms – you don’t have to be there every day to know what’s going on. Using technology and information, like Regen provide, mean that you can keep track of key information across the entire enterprise without having to be everywhere at once. You know where your attention needs to be focussed and it helps get the right systems and processes in place to keep improving what you are doing. 

Spend $1 to make 50c – no point in that, spend a $1 to make $2 – that’s what Regen is about for Wayne. Regen enables lots of small decisions to be better decisions, like when to apply urea, and they all add up.

For Wayne, achieving what he has from his own endeavours – no hand-outs or golden spoons – is the success he is most proud of. Hard work, a sound approach to the business of dairy farming – and Southland has been a great place to be doing it.


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