21 Nov 2014

Will Christmas come early?

It’s that time of year when we adults start counting the days until Christmas thinking about how much we still want to get done.  And children start counting the days in eager anticipation of holidays and festivities (which they hope will include some presents).  Earlier this week on my way into the office I was stopped by the sight of a man in a red suit up on the roof of a house, close to the chimney!  But it wasn’t an early Christmas (and I hadn’t miscounted the days left) – but a roofer with a good sense of humour!

As spring gradually turns to summer (although the way the weather has been going in some parts of the country it may well be a white Christmas),  planning on the farm for managing feed, silage, crops along with fitting in some time off will be underway.  Having good information to hand about what is actually happening with soil moisture and temperature will be a real asset now.  There is a substantial effect on soil temperature in some parts of the country from this cool weather – something that an extended period of fine weather is required to bring soil temp back to “normal”.

For Regen customers, check your email next week for our early Christmas cheer offer.  We hope to provide you with some useful information to assist with your pre-Christmas planning, so when you do get to sit down and relax you will be confident that you know what’s going on, on your patch.

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