30 Jan 2015

Are you one of the good guys?

Want to see the job of farmer listed up there with fireman and nurse on the list of “most trusted”? After all, every day you are putting food on every New Zealander’s table – that’s pretty important. We think that it’s time for the farmers out there who are doing a great job, every single day, farming sustainably and with integrity to be recognised.  This week’s blog is a few thoughts about this – we would love to have your feedback.

So welcome to our first blog for 2015.  This year, as well as some stories about our customers out in rural New Zealand and about what development we are doing back at home base, we want to start a conversation about the good guys – the hero farmers that are stepping up every day and unobtrusively making a difference.  These people are leading the way and we at Regen think they need to be recognised for their efforts.

We all know that agriculture is at the heart of New Zealand’s economy and we all know that farmers are at the heart of provincial New Zealand’s economy particularly.  Every farming business is creating jobs, bringing families into communities, filling local schools, creating demand for local services – and also making the milk that urban NZ pours onto their cereal each morning.  So why aren’t they saying “Cheers Harry” as they tuck into their muesli?  Why are they suspicious of the great work you do?  More importantly – what can we do to change these perceptions?

What do you think?  Rather than hitting ‘delete’ and moving on, hit ‘reply’ and quickly share your thoughts.


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