20 Feb 2015

Practical problem solving at Regen

Here at Regen we love the energy and skills students bring to the workplace so we have been enthusiastic participants of the Summer of Tech internship programme over the past couple of years. In November Nathan Muckley joined us as our 2014/15 summer intern. It’s been great having Nathan as part of the team and we are looking forward to him continuing with us in a part time role when he returns to his studies in early March. Before Nathan heads back to full time studies we thought we’d find out how he has found working as part of the Regen team over the past 3 months.

Nathan is in his final year of a Bachelor of software engineering (Hons) at Victoria University here in Wellington. Nathan, like our interns Lachlan and Kim last year, came to work for us through the “The Summer of Tech” internship programme*. Nathan was attracted by the practical application of our work and the ability for his work to have a direct impact on the services Regen provides. Being part of a small company also appealed to him, where we work closely with each other as a team.

Nathan's work has focussed on improving how our information is managed and processed, from when it is collected from the sensors on the farm, through to how it is used to run our Regen services. Although much of the work Nathan and our software developers do is behind the scenes, it is critical to the running of our services, a bit like plumbing in a house, unseen but essential!

Although this was Nathan’s first job using his software engineering skills, and there was a steep learning curve to begin with, he has picked up new skills and tools quickly and has become an integral part of our team. Nathan says “Although I was learning everything from scratch I really valued the support and help from everyone in the team. I was able to watch and learn from Florent and Dmitry to start with which really helped.”

Sharing our skills, continually learning and problem solving as a team are all an integral part of Regen’s culture. It helps us to create improved and efficient services that support you in your day-to-day management on the farm.

* “The Summer of Tech” internship programme has been running in Wellington since 2006 and provides opportunities for students studying information and communications technology to be matched with employers for paid work experience over the holidays. The programme also includes a series of bootcamps and industry-led skills development workshops to help bridge the gap between industry needs and educational development.


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