17 Apr 2015

A chandelier made of cups?

2015 Southland/ Otago
Sharemilker/ Equity Farmer of the Year,
Jono & Kelly Bavin
What does a chandelier made of milking machine cups and a massive thunder storm have in common?  They both happened to be features at the Otago Southland Dairy Industry awards regional finals night in Gore a couple of weeks ago.  

The organising committee did a great job transforming a sports arena into a sophisticated, yet rural, setting for the awards.  Then the weather turned on an enormous showcase of - weather!  Thunder, lightning and an enormous downpour. 

The event was most memorable for the showcase of young talented people who put themselves forward for assessment by their peers.  Although there is only one winner from each section that progresses to the national finals, every entrant gains from the experience and you know that some of them will be back next year to build on what they have learnt.

Another feature is in the winner’s acceptance speeches; they all acknowledge the start, the support and encouragement they get from their employer.  Such an important part of the industry that keeps this young talent engaged and striving for success in the dairy industry.  Be it the opportunity given to a school leaver to get a farm worker’s job and encouragement to further training, or the chance to step up into a 50:50 sharemilker position.

Regen is proud to be a tier two sponsor of the Otago Southland awards, and we wish these finalists the best in the national finals coming up.  We will have a bet each way though – one of our Waikato based customer’s sharemilker – Evan & Jan Billington– is also in the Sharemilker/Equity Farmer of the Year.  Look forward to awards night!


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