8 May 2015

Why look when you can see.

We are all guilty from time to time to having a quick glance rather than a proper look.  Racing out the door, can’t find your car keys.  Not where you usually leave them, then when you finally do see them you realise you have looked past them at least three times!

Where's the milk????? Ah... in the fridge.

Our brains are powerful - what you expect to see, or to happen, is already in your mind.  So if you only quickly look it can reinforce what you expect and you miss what is actually there.

That is why in the future of farming other ways to help you ‘see’ what is happening on your farm are so important.  Automated data collection, combined with smart decision support is another dimension to really ‘seeing’ what is happening.  A big advantage is that it carries on seeing when you are asleep and when you aren’t even on farm.

There is no substitute for going out and about on farm seeing for yourself what is happening.  All your senses take in information that help you make good decisions - decisions that can be even better with the input from products like Regen.

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