21 Aug 2015

A Regen original

Hodderville Farms is ID number 2 in the Regen list – the second after Massey University to start using Regen.  It has just past its 6 year anniversary as a Regen customer.  That’s over 2000 texts we have sent to farm manager David Schroeder!  

From those earliest beginnings the Regen service has evolved and developed as the requirements for effluent and nitrogen management have changed.  Some of that change has been guided by the valuable feedback from David based on what he needs to do his job;  day to day getting the best from the farm as well as managing the longer terms goals to improve the farm’s infrastructure worked out with farm supervisor Mike McBeath.

The property David manages is one of five adjacent farms along Old Taupo Rd, between Putaruru and Tokoroa in the Waikato.  Milking 760 cows on 240 ha (effective) which is a mix of flat and some quite steep rolling country.  The farm has extended the area available for effluent irrigation to 40ha and has recently upgraded from a travelling irrigator to a new Cobra.  David believes this will work better on the steep hillsides that make up quite a bit of the effluent area as the Cobra is more flexible in how it can be used and can apply effluent at lower application rates.

Next on the agenda is a possible change to the storage pond.  The data that has been gathered over the years from the Regen system on the levels of the current pond through the year and the number of available irrigation days is very useful when working out what the farm will require in the future.

David has just started using the nitrogen service, so we are looking forward to getting feedback from him on how it has helped over this coming spring.  Over the past six years I have been fortunate to visit David at Hodderville several times and each time I am impressed with how he continues to improve all aspects of the farm while always being on-hand to assist with the technical stuff- like how best to get cell-phone reception from the hollow the pond is sited in!


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